Fishbans™ was built from the ground up to provide the most useful services to Minecraft Server owners, developers, and players alike to improve the game experience from a centralized web service.

Fishbans™ is not your typical global ban system. In fact, Fishbans™ is not even a global ban system, we are simply a ban aggregator. What this means is that we utilize other global ban APIs to collect information on players. By collecting this information and storing it locally on our servers we are able to provide lightning fast lookups, and allow you to view the full history of a player.

Fishbans™ also comes with a fully featured API that allows you to integrate our lookup system in a whole heap of different ways. Developers have used our API to create fully fledged whitelist systems, integrated lookup systems in control panels, and even simple scripts on their site for quicker lookups. Our API can return both JSON, and JSONP with a simple modification to the request URL.

Our API is so easy a clownfish could use it, just check out the example below for getting all the known bans for the user kalfin.

$data = file_get_contents('');

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